Earn Even More Money Reselling
Tradelines And Credit Sweeps!


Do you currently sell tradelines, help your clients build credit, or do funding? Do you want to get started reselling tradelines and make a large profit? We have an amazing broker program that offers you the opportunity to become a successful broker of our services! You will receive an extremely discounted price on our tradelines when you buy into any of our broker incentive packages listed below. A yearly payment gives you a lifetime of savings. Start making more money today!


As a broker, you buy tradelines from us at a discounted price and resell them to your customers for a higher price. You collect the client data, submit the order form, make payment to us and we do all the work. The key is in the upcharge. Typically our brokers are upcharging at least $100+ per tradeline, 200+ per package and Credit Sweeps are being upcharged by several hundred + as well. You have the flexibility to re-sell for however much you want.


Make more money reselling tradelines with us while helping your clients attain their financial goals.


A Yearly Payment Gives You Lifetime Of Savings!

Best price
  • Plan 1

  • $500Yearly
  • 10% OFF ALL
  • Plan 2

  • $995Yearly
  • 20% OFF ALL
  • Plan 3

  • $1395Yearly
  • 30% OFF ALL

Other Broker’s Perks

  • Can you imagine how much greater your profit margin will be with your clients by using these huge discounts every time you purchase?!
  • This discount applies to all tradeline packages as well.
  • Your discount percentage will override any weekly sale discount if your discount percentage is higher.
  • Broker inventory list in Excel with your pricing for your customers.
  • Contract with your company name on it at your request.

These People Had Amazing Results

“I am very happy with the results that your firm has provided for me. I am now able to get loans and credit cards that were impossible for me to get earlier without your help. I am now able to get low and reasonable financing terms because of my new credit. I have had a total of fifteen deletions and I thank you for helping me not have to wait seven years before I am able to start over again with my credit. Thank you.”​

Callum R.

“Because of the awesome work you guys did, I was able to get both myself and my wife new cars and our home and to think, a year or so ago, I couldn’t get anything almost new without unreal interest and all that. I have recommended your services to all of our friends and family and will continue to do so in the future. Now my wife is in the process of working with you to get her credit cleared up. I couldn’t be any happier”​

Dave I.

“I’m sure you hear this all the time but I couldn’t stop singing songs of praise to the staff at the McKenzie Adams. I got an updated copy of my Trans union Credit Report today and I was so happy I started jumping up and down in the driveway. They deleted six out of nine negative entries in less than two months now that’s what I call SERVICE. I can’t wait to see the negative entries fall off my other reports as well! Thanks!!!​

Callum R.

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